EGOTALK Painters in Cape Town is a business with over 2 decades of experience. With our services ranging from interior painting, exterior painting, house cleaning, commercial painting and more – we pride ourselves knowing we’re the experts.

If there is one thing we understand, it is your home. It is crucially important that you get quality work for an affordable rate. EGOTALK Painters in Cape Town ensures that your home is worked with to perfection. We ensure that we take our time with our client’s projects because we know it will be something we can show off.

Founded in 2001, EGOTALK Painters in Cape Town was founded by a young couple that finished trade school together. After doing odd jobs such as house cleaning and deck painting, the couple decided that it was time to do something bigger. Shortly after the couple went ahead and starting a joint company, EGOTALK Painters In Cape Town, and eventually they started to do bigger home painting projects and started a company. The couple now is located in Gauteng, province and serves the greater portion   with services that cannot be price matched.

Domestic, Commercial painters

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When we started EGOTALK Painters in Cape Town we saw a need in the market for a painting company that prided themselves not only on providing great work, but also on providing a great customer experience. Our mission at The EGOTALK painters division is to ensure that all of our jobs are conducted in a friendly, professional and efficient manner. We only hire professional painters and our customers can be assured that they will be friendly, respectful and that all work will be completed in a clean and efficient manner.

At EGOTALK Painters we work hard to provide an exceptional painting experience to all of our clients throughout the Province. We offer a complete range of residential and commercial painting services as well as other trades-related services to suit your needs. Each member of our team is capable of providing the excellent service that our customers have come to expect from us over the years and will do their best to make sure you are happy with your paint job. We take all of our jobs very seriously and will not leave you disappointed.

We are extremely proud of what EGOTALK  Painters in Cape has become and we look forward to what is in store.


Interior Painting

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Want to keep your home looking clean inside? Some of the other ways to enhance your homes livelihood inside can be extremely expensive, such as kitchen remodelling. An interior painting can do the job much faster at an 8th of the rate. Contact us today to get a confidential quote with the price guaranteed.

Exterior Painting

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The exterior of your home is extremely important for looks and protection. Allow a pro to handle the exterior of your home. We provide multiple layers of paint on your home to ensure you’re getting the best deal around. Not only do we cover material costs, we provide a complimentary pressure washing service for your home.

Commercial Painting

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Yes, we work with commercial buildings as well. Get started today to contact us for your commercial painting project. EGOTALK Painters in Cape Town is a licensed company to work on your commercial building. We follow a simple process to painting a commercial building that we can easily follow in a safe manner. 

Deck Painting

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In Capetown, we get the beautiful 4 seasons, but it is not until the summer time until we actually have some fun with our families. Decks and patios are easy for us to paint simply because we love doing them as a company. Being a customer of EGOTALK Painters in Cape Town, you get to enjoy the best price possible when it comes to painting your home.

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